Tanja Pavel Verstorben

Tanja pavel verstorben |Tanja Pavel absolvierte eine Ausbildung zur Industriefachwirtin und was bei einem Handelskonzern in St. Wendel beschaftigt. Pavel amtierte als 2. Vorsitzende am CDU-Ortsverband St. Wendel.Sie vertrat ihre Partei am Stadtrat von St. Wendel. Bei einer Landtagswahl im Saarland 2022 erhielt sie im Wahlkreis Neunkirchen ein Abgeordnetenmandat im Landtag des Saarlandes

Tanja Pavel, a member of the legislature for the state of St. Wendel, passed away unexpectedly and unexpectedly of a heart attack early on Sunday morning. She was only 50 years old at the time. All of the family and friends are deeply affected by the shock and sadness. She has a husband and four children that she is leaving behind.

Tanja pavel verstorben
Tanja pavel verstorben

Tanja Pavel served as a member of the city council and as the second chairwoman of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) branch in St. Wendel. She won her first election to the Saarland state parliament on March 27, 2022, and began her term on that date.

She was a dedicated politician who hoped to use her new position to effect positive change in the world. Her fellow members of her party as well as lawmakers from other parties held her in extremely high esteem. On social media, many of them post heartfelt farewell messages to each other.

“A very good man. An outstanding personality. A devoted politician. A girlfriend. She was someone I held very dear “Tanja Pavel was a person who was genuine, persuasive, and kind, according to Udo Recktenwald, who was the district administrator.

“We’ve spent the last few days traveling together,” she said. How about now? “Nothing but void and melancholy,” she said. Nadine Schon, a member of the Bundestag who was shocked by the news of Tanja Pavel’s passing, provides some details about the kind of person her colleague was. attentive, interested in other people, and curious about the additional responsibilities that come with becoming a member of the state legislature, as well as loyal to the CDU and full of energy for their home country. “I’m going to miss you,” says Schon. “I’m sorry.”

Both the Minister of the Interior, Reinhold Jost, and the Secretary of State, Thorsten Lang, are shocked by the untimely death: “Yesterday, our good colleague Tanja Pavel passed away in a way that was completely unexpected.

Tanja pavel verstorben
Tanja pavel verstorben

As the Chair of the Committee on Internal Affairs, we had the opportunity to come to know her as a very capable and extremely motivated member of parliament. Our time spent cooperating with her was made all the more enjoyable by the warm and kind demeanor that she possesses. We have suffered a big loss with her passing, and our hearts are filled with sorrow. Our condolences and sympathies are with her family and all of her friends at this difficult time.

Chairwoman of the Christian Democratic Union’s (CDU) branch in St. Wendel, Andreas Leyerle: “When we learned of our dear friend Tanja’s unexpected passing, our hearts sank with grief as we listened to the news. We will miss having a party friend who is dedicated, enthusiastic, and helpful, but more than that, we will miss having someone who is likeable, friendly, and understanding, with an always open ear and an engaging, compassionate attitude.

A mother passes away, leaving her family grieving. During these trying times, our prayers and thoughts are with her children and her husband, and we send our best wishes for strength their way. Everyone is shocked by Tanja’s passing. We will miss her.”

Together with Tanja Pavel, the two members of the state parliament who are affiliated with the Social Democratic Party — Réka Klein (SPD) and Nadja Schindelhauer (SPD) — have begun their new work in the state parliament: “Even though we haven’t been working together for very long, we’ve already had the chance to learn what a friendly and affable coworker you are.

You will no longer have any part in life from this point forward. Our colleague from St. Wendel, who was also a mother and a daughter, was an incredibly kind person who had to depart far too soon. We are profoundly saddened by this news and want to send our condolences to all of Tanja Pavel’s family and friends as well as our best wishes for their continued strength during this trying time. You will be missed by us.”

A large number of additional figures, including politicians and ordinary citizens, Alexander Zeyer, the head of the CDU district committee, highlighted that her thoughts are currently with her family, which has been and will continue to be very important to her. The shock and the sadness would be felt to a profound degree.

Tanja pavel verstorben
Tanja pavel verstorben

“Tanja was a wonderful friend, and she always had everyone’s best interests at heart. We are going to sorely miss her charming personality, her enormous enthusiasm to assist others, and her hilarious sense of humor “says Zeyer.

Stephan Toscani, the leader of the parliamentary group for the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), remarked, “The awful news renders us startled.” “In a relatively short amount of time, she has

erhielt dank ihrer herzlichen und einladenden Persönlichkeit sowie ihres unerschütterlichen Engagements viel Unterstützung und berufliche Anerkennung.”

Tanja Pavel, Mitglied der CDU im Saarland, ist überraschend verstorben. Alexander Zeyer, der CDU-Kreisvorsitzende in St. Wendel, behauptete am Sonntag, er sei darüber informiert worden, dass er die Nachricht von ihrer Familie erhalten habe. Diese Ausführungen machte Stephan Toscani, der Vorsitzende der CDU-Bundestagsfraktion, in Saarbrücken. „Die tragischen Nachrichten machen uns fassungslos“, bemerkte er.

Am 27. März wurde der heute 50-Jährige in den saarländischen Landtag gewählt. Laut Toscani haben ihre warmherzige Persönlichkeit, ihre Fähigkeit, andere zu überzeugen, und ihr Engagement für ihre Arbeit dazu beigetragen, dass sie in relativ kurzer Zeit viel Unterstützung und Anerkennung in ihrem Bereich erlangt hat. Wir werden ihre Anwesenheit unter uns sehr vermissen.

In diesen schwierigen Zeiten bleiben wir in Gedanken bei ihrer Familie, der wir uns sehr verbunden fühlen, und senden ihnen unsere besten Wünsche für Stärke.

Tanja Pavel Verstorben

Tanja Pavel (* 24. April 1972 in St. Wendel; † 16. Juli 2022 ebenda) war eine deutsche Politikerin (CDU). Sie war vom 25. April 2022 bis zu ihrem Tod Mitglied des saarländischen Landtags. Tanja Pavel absolvierte eine Ausbildung zur Industriekauffrau und war bei einem Handelskonzern in St. Wendel beschäftigt. Pavel ist seit 2015 Mitglied der CDU. Sie war 2. Vorsitzende des CDU-Ortsverbandes St. Wendel und seit 2019 Stadtverordnete.

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Tanja pavel verstorben

„Wenn ich einfach nur meine Ruhe haben möchte, nehme ich unseren West Highland Terrier mit in den Wald und genieße die Ruhe und die Natur.“ Sie war Mitglied des Stadtrats von St. Wendel und stellvertretende Vorsitzende des CDU-Ortsverbandes St. Wendel. Unter anderem war sie innerhalb ihrer Organisation für die parteiinterne Sicherheit zuständig.

Die Ziele ihrer Arbeit im Landtag erläuterte sie wie folgt: „Ich möchte für das Land St. Wendel eine Schnittstelle zur Landespolitik sein und dazu beitragen, unsere Wirtschaftskraft zu erhalten“, sagte sie, „für Unternehmer, aber auch für Angestellte.” Es ist nicht bekannt, was genau zu diesem Zeitpunkt ihren Tod verursacht hat.