Andreas gabalier schwester todesursache

Andreas gabalier schwester todesursache
Andreas gabalier schwester todesursache

Andreas gabalier schwester todesursache |Volks-Rock’n’Roller Andreas Gabalier musste schon schwere Schicksalsschlage hinnehmen. Sein Vater Wilhelm nahm sich das Leben als Andreas gerade mal 21 Jahre alt war. Er übergoss sich with Benzin und steckte dieses in Brand. Einen Abschiedsbrief gab es nicht.

Seine jüngere Schwester Elisabeth (damals 17) konnte mit dem schweren Verlust so gar nicht umgehen, sie kampfte with Depressionen. Zwei Jahre spater nahm auch sie sich das Leben.

Und natürlich leidet der Musiker noch heute darunter. In seinem Lied “Amoig seg’ ma uns wieder” versuchte er seine Trauer zu verarbeiten. Und er macht seinen Vater für dem Tod seiner Schwester verantwortlich.

“Da gebe ich ihm auch auf gewisse Weise die Schuld am Tod meiner kleinen Schwester”, wird Gabalier jetzt in der “Freizeitwoche” zitiert.

“Selbstmord ist für mich keine Losung, wenn man vier Kinder zu Hause has. Das ist einfach das Allerletzte, das verurteile ich “, soll der Sanger der Zeitschrift gesagt have.

The suffering was beyond description. I was just about able to hold my own against it. I had no idea what I was doing when I went out and got a Styrian harp and started playing music. After that, I got to work trying to make sense of everything.

And I was successful in the end. I didn’t want to end my life, so I focused on what was to come. But the wonderful recollections of Elisabeth and Papa continue to live on in my mind. I can’t help but reflect about her whenever I take a moment to rest atop the modest hill at the cemetery and survey the surrounding area. Then please provide me your strength.

Then Andreas Gabalier makes the following statement: “If I live long enough after I leave this earth, I hope that when I go to heaven, someone will explain to me why my father did what he did. And in the meantime, I try not to give too much thought to the why of things.

The Schlager star reveals a great deal about his personal life by stating that rule number one is the most important. “First and foremost, always remember to put your faith and reliance in yourself. That is precisely what I did, especially following the passing of my younger sister, at a time when I lacked the motivation to continue my education “explained the man who was 37 years old.

In 2008, his younger sister also took her own life, and two years earlier, his father also took his own life. He says his goodbyes to them in the song “Amoi seg’ ma uns wieder,” which he has written specifically for them.

Andreas gabalier schwester todesursache
Andreas gabalier schwester todesursache

“The second guideline is, ‘Break some rules,’ which means you shouldn’t blindly adhere to everything that is instructed to you,” Gablier remarked regarding the “Krone.” “. The second rule is then followed by the third rule, which is as follows: “”Don’t be scared to fail,” often known as “don’t be afraid to make mistakes,” is sound advice. I’ve never had one!” And what is the fourth and final rule?

“Give something back,” they told him.Ignore the No-Sayers,'” advises the 37-year-old, “don’t listen to people who always say it won’t accomplish anything anyway and make things horrible.”

One should avoid “negative kinds” and “energy vampires!” as much as possible. It wasn’t until much later that he settled on this stereotypically Austrian sound; initially, he focused his musical efforts in the United States.

And what are the final two guidelines? ” Rule number five is to “Work like hell,” since nothing will succeed without significant effort.” And the sixth and last rule is, “Give something back!” “So make amends by giving something back! “I feel such a sense of satisfaction when I can give something back,” Gabalier told “Krone.”

But just a couple of years later, there was another terrible event. His sister was also the one who killed herself. This was the day that Andreas felt was the worst of his entire life. The man, who is 36 years old, admits: “After going through so much pain for two years, I believed there was no way things could continue on like this…

Additionally, Elisabeth was aware of how we were all feeling. And the fact that she then mimics the same bullshit is what drove me to the point where I had to push away in hatred and fury. I don’t think I would have had the resilience to deal with it otherwise “says Andreas. The singer was dealt not one but two extremely devastating blows by the hands of fate, and he continues to feel the effects of both of them to this very day.
It is difficult to imagine how a mother may feel when she learns that her own child has committed suicide in addition to killing her husband. Even suicidal ideas consumed Huberta’s mind as she went about her daily life for a while: “I, too, had the desire to take my own life.

I have been pondering the various ways in which I may carry it out. However, I was obligated to guarantee my children that I would continue to live “brings back memories of that difficult moment for the entertainer’s mother.

Finding oneself and falling in love againBut how exactly does one find their way out of such eine schlimme Situation? Die Musik, die ihr Sohn Andreas geschaffen hat, war der wichtigste Faktor in der 59-jährigen Genesung. old’s In diesem Moment der Trauer war es sehr hilfreich, das Lied „

Amoi seg’ ma uns wieder“ zu hören, in dem die Sängerin den Verlust der beiden Menschen verarbeitet. Übrigens ist sie seit Mai 2016 wieder verheiratet und führt ein glückliches Eheleben. Dank des 64-jährigen Textilmanagers Gert Rücker konnte sie eine neue Lebenslust entdecken und freut sich wieder auf die Zukunft.

Ich mache ihn gewissermaßen für den Tod meiner jüngeren Schwester verantwortlich“, sagt Gabalier in einem Statement für ein Interview.

Dass er sein Leben bewusst aufgegeben hat, kann der 35-Jährige noch immer nicht begreifen: „Bei vier Kindern zu Hause ist Suizid meiner Meinung nach keine Option. und das finde ich inakzeptabel.”

Bis heute verlässt sich der „Volksrocker“ emotional und finanziell auf seine Musik.

Andreas gabalier schwester todesursache